EP137 Contractor Sales Training: The Final Episode

With 100+ episodes under our belts, this will be the last episode of The Contractor Sales Training Podcast. We will be merging the show with The Contractor Fight Podcast. Find out what’s going to happen with the show and some surprises to come.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Integrating The Contractor Sales Academy with The Contractor Fight Podcast
  • The reasons behind combining the two podcasts
  • About The Contractor Fight Podcast
  • Battleground program—a group setting for contractors looking to grow their business
  • Shin-Fu sales training and the 100k contractor business coaching program to become one program


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Everything your contracting business needs in one comprehensive program with three main focus areas: Leadership, Communication, and Numbers. For more info check out: https://TheContractorFight.com/Battleground 

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