EP135 Contractor Sales Training: What Business Are You Really In?

There’s a ton of different contracting jobs out there but do you really understand what business you’re in as a contractor? The guys share tips to understand what your customer really wants!    

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The importance of being able to identify your customer’s pain points 
  • Clean selling and showing up with no agenda 
  • Understanding you’re in the business of providing outcomes 
  • Tips for contractors after they understand what business they’re in:   
  1. Ask customers the hard questions so you know what they want 
  2. Spirit of conversation—customers know when you care  
  3. Be confident and not graspy
  4. Show up with an open mind 
  5. Stay in the motive    
  6. Understand the customer’s side to help know the best approach of working with them         
  • Lead with making others feel amazing just by being around you   


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