EP130: The Fu-Pass

Are you meeting your margins? Listen up to learn about how to hit those sales goals, upsell to customers, and get your team up to speed.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Putting in the time now to make things muscle memory so that you’re not restricted in the moment when you need it.
  • Other systems of preparedness that you can employ.
  • How to make up-selling a habit with your team.
  • How Shin Fu can teach you to connect with people with empathy and sell without high-pressure methods.
  • How upselling to customers boils down to seeing needs and then asking the appropriate question.
  • The importance of generating a good job culture that encourages your employees to be better.
  • The use of a quota to show employees what your goals are.
  • How you need to think about having a “Why” for your sales and business.
  • The value of small wins and creating momentum.
  • Your fast-pass to your process is your Fu-Pass.


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