EP13: To Fee or Not to Fee

Today the fellas are going to talk about the most common head trash complaint from contractors. That common complaint is to charge a consultation fee or not to charge a consultation fee. This is a tale as old as time and how contractors answer this conundrum has either made or broken their businesses. The fact of the matter is, a consultation fee is the absolute best way to avoid the circus that people want to put you through when they haggle and micromanage. They have been trained to play the game so turn on your BS meter, grow a pair, and charge a consultation fee. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Just what is a consultation fee
  • How a consultation fee helps you navigate through the sea of BS
  • Why clients have a problem with a consultation fee
  • Why contractors have a problem with a consultation fee
  • Doing things differently to stand out
  • Growing the courage to charge a consultation fee
  • Having the right spirit of the conversation
  • What percentage are really mad about the consultation fee


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