EP126: Burnout & Balance

Everyone’s always talking about work-life balance these days, so the guys are here to break down their unique takes on it.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How there’s a fine line between the level of busy that moves the needle forward versus the level of busy that’s just bullshit and busy work. It often comes down to the difference between being booked solid with actual commitments and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels all the time trying to get things done.
  • Why most contractors are “bullshit busy” – creating busy work for themselves to make them feel like they’re doing something, while avoiding the tasks they really need to be doing to start making more money.
  • Steve’s unique take on work life balance – you work around the clock for 20 years building your fortune so that you can take the next 40 years off.
  • The idea that it’s better to go all-in on work when you’re at work and all-in with personal time instead of trying to balance both at the same time.
  • Why you need to think about what percentage of your time you spend in your productivity sweet spot – where you’re busy actually moving the needle forward.
  • Why you need to stop spending time doing things that you aren’t good or efficient at.


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