EP114: Get Coached!

Listening to Contractor Sales Academy on the job is a great way to get coached while you’re working. It can be hard to be open enough to accept feedback, but unless you’re willing to take some coaching, you won’t grow. So are you ready to get coached and get better, or do you just want to stay the same?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The guys’ approach to coaching.  
  • How people need to be open to coaching in order for the coaching to work. 
  • Why you need to follow Shin-Fu techniques to the tee without improvising. 
  • How getting coached requires lots of humility. 
  • Why The Bridge is a safe place where it’s easy to be humble and be a sponge learning and absorbing info. 
  • How even when you ARE a coach, you can (and should) still open your ears and learn from other people. 
  • Why the best time to join the group is actually when you’re the busiest because you can make the most of what you learn! 
  • You can always make space in your day to learn and improve if your priorities are there.


Join The Bridge and get coached!!

If you have any questions, reach out at help@contractorsalesacademy.com