EP113: What The CSA Really Is

Derek is out in Alabama right now helping another contractor who was recently in a bad accident and needs help getting his jobs done. The fact that Derek is able to do this is representative of what communities like Contractor Sales Academy can do. Listen to find out why!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How the Contractor Sales Academy will teach you to save so much time that you’re better able to help other people – which we all like to be able to do! 
  • How the CSA to Derek is about quickly finding out if a customer can afford your services. 
  • Why the CSA started as a way to help contractors protect their time. 
  • Some inspirational CSA success stories. 
  • Examples of how to use time saved to grow your business even further and to totally transform your personal life. 
  • How the CSA is also about making life easier for your clients. 
  • Why answering your phone is essential! 
  • Why yes’s are good, but no’s are actually better. 
  • Why implementation is your new secret sauce. 
  • Why if you like what you do enough, you’ll do well because you’ll implement without being told.


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