EP112: When Not to Sell?

People have been stuck at home for a while due to the pandemic, so there’s a rush of people looking for contractors right now! This means there’s never been a better time to have your sales tactics on point. Give this one a listen to give your sales process a tune-up!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Various sales tactics the guys use, like empathy, open-ended questions, and making the customer feel important. 
  • The fine line between giving a potential client information to show you’re a professional and offer them solutions, but not bragging and inundating them with so much info that they glaze over. 
  • What being a professional means in sales – and how goes deeper than appearances. 
  • Why it’s absolutely critical to review your sales process from the customer’s perspective so you can eliminate pain points and make things easy for your customers. 
  • Why the simple act of having someone always available to answer your phone will put you ahead of most contractors. 
  • And how, as a professional, it’s important to get back to people even if you can’t do business with them. 
  • How to start speaking the language of successful people who have money. 
  • How you need to care about the customer’s needs, motive, and personality type so that you’ll know how to handle them and make them feel heard. 
  • Why you should not be annoyed when the customer wants more information. 
  • Why you need to prioritize curiosity and listening to your client. 
  • A role-play to show you how to gather information from a client and justify your price through the whole conversation to eliminate price objection and close the sale.


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