EP110: Your Limiting Mindset

A guy in Tom’s Facebook group recently mentioned that he doesn’t want to earn more from his business because it will push him into a higher tax bracket! The guys discuss why some people tend to have this mindset, and why you absolutely should NOT approach your business this way.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why you shouldn’t cap your income. 
  • How when you stop risking, you stop growing. 
  • You need to keep pushing through for more growth. 
  • How putting a ceiling on yourself is not just a disservice to you, but also to your family, your company, your employees, and your clients. 
  • How if you’re in a higher tax bracket, you may be paying more, but you’re earning even MORE so you won’t miss that extra tax money. 
  • Why you need to always strive to shine and be the best you can be. 
  • Why being in a higher tax bracket means you get to hire a better accountant, take advantage of deductions, build better retirement accounts, and more! 
  • Why you need to make the mindset shift to be happy to pay more in taxes because it means you are successful.


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