EP108: Stop “Out-Coaching” Yourself!

Football coaches are notorious for out-coaching themselves, right? They might get bored or just decide to get too cute with their plays and then end up doing a poor job, when instead they should have kept things simple. This concept applies to sales, too!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why mastering the basics is more important than trying to get too fancy with your techniques. 
  • Why you need to focus on proven methods – like Shin-Fu – instead of letting yourself get bored and seeking out new techniques to try. 
  • Why if you keep things simple and do them really well, you’ll not only excel – you’ll also spend way less energy and time than you would have if you were trying to make things harder for yourself. 
  • How the best salesmen are made, not born.  
  • What goes into making a good salesperson and how you get there. 
  • Why pushy salespeople drive customers away but passive ones don’t ever close any sales – so the sweet spot is being an assertive salesperson.


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