EP106: Upselling for Your Team

Obviously, you want your business to make more money, but hoarding all the profits and being secretive about what goes on behind the scenes is no way to get there. If you want an open, “we’re all in this together” attitude from your team, you need to be trying to make them money and take them up with you.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Why a culture of sales makes everyone happy and makes everyone on the team more money through friendly competition. 
  • Why employees like to have a little pressure to sell when they understand that the profits they help you make will be shared back with them. 
  • How every industry upsells because people who have already spent money on a company are more likely to spend more money with that company. 
  • How to slowly build momentum with newer salespeople to get them more comfortable with upselling at higher and higher values. 
  • Why customers do sometimes appreciate it if you point out other things around their property that need to be fixed – and how to do it without sounding salesy. 
  • How to generate more sales by gently letting existing customers know the other services you provide.



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