EP104: Let’s Game-ify This

The guys have a Next Level VIP event coming up at the end of April in Destin, Florida, and they’ve been having a great time competing to see who can sell the most tickets. The way they’ve managed to gamify ticket sales has sparked a conversation about other ways you can use gamification to your advantage in your contracting business.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Ideas and strategies to gamify goals for your team. 
  • Why people’s competitive nature means that gamifying a company goal is both fun for your team and will help your company achieve its goal faster. 
  • How this idea can apply to more than just sales challenges, plus ideas for other processes to gamify and rewards to give to your team. 
  • The importance of accountability, recognition, and fun in the workplace.  
  • Examples of times the guys have gamified something on a project and how it boosted morale while making them a ton of money. 
  • How last year’s event was life-changing and this year’s is shaping up to be, too. 
  • While you’ll learn the sales and marketing tactics you expect, you’ll also be learning amazing ways to change your personal life and mentality. 
  • Plus, you’ll meet awesome like-minded people.


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