EP01: The Number 1 Thing that is Killing Your Sales

You get a lead, you get all excited and go out to their home and you give your spiel. Suddenly, you can’t get a hold of the prospect to save your life. The number 1 thing that is killing your sales is that you talk too much. Don’t be the expert. Shutting your mouth doesn’t mean you don’t talk. It means asking good, open-ended appropriate questions, sharing a little bit about the process, and being comfortable with silence until the prospect answers. People are not born great salespeople. You are made into one by learning these skills.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How talking too much can sabotage your sales
  • Asking appropriate questions
  • The importance of letting the potential client talk
  • The value of role-playing in being prepared for sales calls
  • Having a process in place that makes it easy to do business


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