Don’t Do This When Your Phone Rings

Contractor Time Management Tips

I can feel the wave coming now. As spring approaches, your quiet phones will start to ring again and then you’ll do it. You’ll go back to your habit of running around and giving bids to about 90% of the people who ask you to come out and look at their project. The next thing you know, you’ll be on the hamster wheel again.

I know you’re dying to bid work. We’ve all had that tingly feeling when someone wants us to come out and give them an estimate.

You feel hopeful. You feel this could be a great job to kick the year off with. You need the work!

Don’t do it.

Do not run out and give them an estimate. And, if you do…don’t make it a free one!

Below are a few things you should do and not do when your phone starts ringing more. Those who have taken this advice are making more money and spending less time working. Hopefully you’ll be one of the few who take control of their sales process this time around.

Find a quiet place to talk

When a prospect gets on the phone you’re on date. And the goal of this date is to see if you’re both up for a second date. Get somewhere that you can think, hear and not feel rushed. This is game time. It’s not just a phone call.

Don’t be a bitch

As I said above this is game time. This is where you take control of the sale process and refuse to be someone’s bitch. I know….crude example, right? I mean no offense. I just want your attention.

You know I’m right, though. Have any of these applied to you?

  • you leave a job because someone down the road wants a free estimate ‘today’
  • you miss a scheduled family thing because ‘this could be a really good job’
  • you do several revisions on a proposal only to not get the job
  • your ‘proposals to follow-up on list’ is a mile long and takes weeks to get through

I can go on. I’ve been there and it’s no way to run a business. I’ve been someone’s bitch and it messed with my confidence, my schedule and my bank account.

Don’t set a time to meet without doing your Shin-Fu

That’s an ancient art taught 4000 years ago in China. The goal of Shin-Fu is to avoid all BS. Okay…really, Shin-Fu is a pre-qualification process we teach in the Contractor Sales Academy that’s named after my partner Steve Shinholser. But, the goal is the same.

This is where you grow a pair and learn to follow a process that will keep you off the hamster wheel (and from being someone’s prison lover) and to make sure you get paid for your time.

Whether our program is right for you or not, I encourage you to follow a strong pre-qualification process on the phone before you meet with them. This will do several things like:

  • Allow you to take control of the relationship from day 1
  • Weed out the people who are not a good fit before you waste time with them
  • Get you paid for your time if you do go meet with them
  • Get their budget every time (before you look at the job)
  • Establish you as the expert in your trade
  • Earn you respect from the clients and gratitude that you didn’t waste their time too

Next time your phone rings, slow down. Trust me on this. Customers don’t want to adjust their schedule for people they don’t know to maybe show up on time. They don’t want to wait for you to go ‘work up’ the estimate. They’re also tired of the BS and will love you even more when you take control of the sales process.

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