How our business is different…or not

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I recently attended a networking event in my area. I’m new to Colorado Springs and on occasion will visit a business event in order to meet new people.

One of the presenters stood up and did a presentation about his business. He was a super nice guy that appears to have a good service business, but he made a mistake many small business owners make. Let me explain…

How our business is different

One of the slides he showed us was all about what he felt were his differentiators…or unique selling propositions. The reasons he felt he stood out from his competitors were:

  1. We are experienced.
  2. We make recommendations about what you need.
  3. We are affordable.
  4. We give to the community.
  5. We deliver 100% satisfaction.

I liked this guy and believe that he would do a good job for anyone who hired him, but this needs work.

He went on to elaborate on each of those points above and did a decent job.

If your competitors can say it then you shouldn’t

My main issue with his list was that anyone can say any of those things. They were not unique claims. This business owners has fallen into the ‘me-too’ marketing trap.

Our competitors are cheap….me too!

They promise 100% satisfaction…me too!

What are the reasons that someone should hire your company? Are you really different or just another ‘me-too’ business?

If they claim 100% satisfaction can you promise completion in a certain number of days or the work is 100% free?

If they claim to be the cheapest can you claim to be the most expensive option?

Remember, ‘me-too’ companies never stand out. Find your unique voice in your industry and shout it proudly.

If you’d like help getting clarity about your differentiators I’m happy to help.

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