Desirae Sanchez

Customer Service Representative

Career Experience – Desirae got a job at 16, as soon as it was legal for her to work, and has worked in customer service for 7 years. Desirae graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2021. With her Bachelor’s of Sociology, she knows how to examine people’s attitudes and values to better understand human behavior. She has the ability to read people and situations by taking their background into consideration, to provide the best possible service for their individual needs. She’s been a part of The Contractor Fight since 2022.

“You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take.”

Personal Struggles – Desirae loves to help others, but she struggles to accept help when she needs it. She had to learn to become self-sufficient at a very young age when her father passed away. Since her mother had to work day and night to support their family, Desirae had to manage their household and her brothers. She’s still learning every day that seeking help isn’t a sign of a weak and needy person, but signals an intelligent and inquiring mind.

What Qualifies You In Your Role – She is genuinely excited to help our customers. She is patient, empathetic, and problem-solving comes naturally to her. She is able to put herself in our customers’ shoes and advocate for them when necessary.

Personal Life –Desirae lives in California with her husband Daniel and 2 “fur-babies”, Chewbacca & Peaches. They love going to Disneyland, dog beaches, and spending time with their families. They also both enjoy collecting rare sneakers and tequila.