The Essential Skills Every Contractor Needs To Run A Profitable Business


Most contractors jump into business without a clear understanding of how to price or produce projects for a profit. Every business needs a foundational grasp of their numbers. Otherwise, profit is a lucky by-product and not a plan.
This four-part video program is all about learning the mindset and math behind a profitable business.


2021’s Mile High Profit Summit was like no other contractor business event in history. Over three days, nineteen speakers lit up the stage giving attendees a whole new perspective about their life and their business. From mindset to practical tips on sales, accounting, systems, and more, The Mile High Profit Summit had it all.
During the event, we asked attendees to hold a mirror up to their life and ask “is this really what I want?” As you watch the recordings you’ll discover that far too often the answer is NO. Sadly, most contractors have boxed themselves into a stressful situation. Discover proven methods to get back to the business and life you want.


Without leads, your business grinds to a halt…and dies. An essential skill for any successful business is the ability to make the phone ring on demand. Yes…on demand.
In this video training series, Tom shares his 15 favorite marketing tactics and how you can put them into action. By the end of the program, you’ll create your own customized marketing plan so you’ll never wonder what to do next again.

FOUNDATIONS – One Time Fee $397

Most contractors in America make about $55,000 per year. That’s ridiculous. For the skills you have and the risks you take, you should make $100,000/year MINIMUM. The FOUNDATIONS program is the training you need to get there.