5 Contractor Marketing Strategies I Use For My Business

contractor marketing

If you’re like most contractors I’ve spoken to, you haven’t invested enough time and effort into marketing. Even if you seem like the most skilled contractor on Earth, you can’t grow your business without properly marketing yourself and your brand. I could have saved a lot of time and made way more money in my first years as a contractor if I had just sat down and learned the basics of selling and marketing my services. After years as a contractor, I now know what needs to get done — and I want to help you avoid those early mistakes I made so many years ago. These are not hard and fast numbers…just an example.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a brand-new contractor, you need to prioritize marketing now. So let’s dive into 5 strategies that enabled me to grow my contractor business from the ground up.

I’ll be honest with you. When I took my first couple contracting jobs, I got my ass kicked. I finished working and then realized I didn’t have any other jobs lined up. My experience wasn’t unusual either. Most contractors start with the skills to build and manage a construction team. But as soon as the job is done, they have no clue what to do next. What do you do with your work hours when there’s no project going on? The answer is you focus on marketing so you can secure another client, and then another, and another. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Transform Your Website From An Eyesore To An Effective Sales Funnel

The first thing a new potential client is going to look at is your website. Your website is like a storefront. If it looks like shit, you’re not going to pull in new clients. When someone visits your website, they want to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them — all in a matter of seconds.

You should always create a website that reflects your brand. But in my experience, a clean, modern design is best. Include photos of your team (so prospective clients know who they’ll be working with) and photos of your past projects (so people see what you can do). 

Remember to have a direct way for visitors to contact you through the website, whether by email or a contact form. You’ll learn even more about creating a sales funnel and CTA’s in your contractor marketing when you take my sales course.

2. Take Advantage of Positive Feedback & Testimonials

Once you present yourself as a trustworthy business, prospective clients will want to see what you’ve done for others. If you’ve finished projects successfully but don’t have any testimonials to showcase, reach out to past clients and ask if they’d be willing to write something about your services. Showcase these testimonials alongside photos of the project (photos before you started and after you finished).

In the marketing world, this is known as social proof. When people see that others have trusted and praised your services, they will be more inclined to trust you. Just like you wouldn’t walk into a random restaurant off the street without seeing some kind of review or a recommendation from a friend, homeowners won’t hire you as a contractor without seeing legit testimonials. 

Trust is key in the contracting world. Without it, your ship is sunk. 

3. Create a Google Business Profile

When people look for a contracting business near them, the first thing they’ll do is search on Google. It’s the 21st century — the age of the Internet — you can’t afford not to be on Google.

Creating an official Google Business profile for your contracting business will increase your authority as a service provider and put your business in front of more people searching for contractors. 

Back when I started, the Internet wasn’t my main source of leads. I worked here and there for acquaintances of family and friends. This kept my pool of potential clients extremely small. Once I leveraged the power of Google, I saw a huge influx of leads. Plus, having a Google Business profile makes you look more legitimate and trustworthy to everyone — from vendors to clients.

4. Build A Social Media Following ASAP

You don’t need 100,000 followers to be a successful contractor, but building a contracting business is all about establishing leads and staying connected with them. The days of the Rolodex and file folders are pretty much gone. Now you can develop leads by setting up a business account on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. 

Take it from me: Instagram isn’t just for teenagers showing off their over-priced coffee. You may not like the idea of posting pics or videos all the time, but strategic social media usage can help draw people to you. If you develop a pattern of posting stuff that people like and that showcases your business at the same time, you can build leads using some of the most popular and effective platforms in existence. 

5. Create a Snowball Effect With A Referral Program

Word of mouth means everything when it comes to contractor marketing. When you do one good job for someone, they’ll tell their friends about it. “You’re deck looks amazing! Who did it?” Boom! You just got a new lead from one simple question. 

But people aren’t always willing to help you get more business, even if you did a great job. 

To incentivize word-of-mouth marketing, adopt a referral program where you reward your previous client for making the introduction. This can be a discount on their next service or even a simple gift. Either way, the more you encourage your clients to spread the word about your contracting business, the greater potential you have to line up more jobs. 

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