Coaches Have Coaches


I was recently asked by one of mine to list a few traits of clients that are NOT a good fit for me. This was a good review because things change over time.

One that jumped out at me that hasn’t in the past is…

If you don’t track the numbers I ask you to track in your business I can’t help you and I don’t want to work with you.

I cannot fully do my thing without a clear picture of what I’m working with.

The numbers tell stories.

They tell us how many leads you need.

They tell us where you’re losing money and what we can address to increase profits.

The tell us what’s working.

***Numbers tell us so much more than sales, leads, profits and net worth though.***

I have learned over the years of coaching many people that they also reveal the character of the person I’m working with.

Tracking the numbers requires…




When I look at the people that I have coached who have had the biggest gains in their life and business THEY ALL TRACK THEIR STUFF FANATICALLY.

They dot the i’s and cross the t’s without exception.

They may or may not be a ‘numbers’ person. What matters is that they take me seriously when I tell them to keep score.

Tracking shows me that you are taking this seriously.

It shows me that you’re paying attention.

It shows me that I am not wasting my time with someone who is self-deceived.

I don’t want uncommitted and undisciplined clients. They make me want to rip my eyes out!

Coaching does not work if you are unwilling to be coached.

Being coached means you will do the work needed to get better. It means you will be willing to embrace things that are different than what you are used to.

I am not cheap. The least you can do in return for writing me a check is to do exactly what I say. Otherwise, why hire me?

Those that I have worked with that view tracking the stuff I tell them to track as ‘optional’ do not have success. They never reach their potential because they continue to hold on to crappy habits.



I’ve done a poor job and have occasionally allowed people to work with me who refuse to take this seriously.

This changes today.

No trackie. No coachie.

I cannot be my best for you without this.


Take some time and create a ‘not a good fit for me’ client list. Then, take whatever steps needed to ensure you don’t work with those people.