Do you really have it? I thought I did for years until I was challenged to get more and more specific. I was challenged to dig down further into my mind and heart about who I am and ultimately who I want to be. And, I’m still digging.


Our calendar will reveal whether or not we really have it.

Our checkbook will prove it or not.

What good is it to wander around life half-assing things?

That’s what we do when we lack clarity.

Our half-assing is the result of not choosing something to stand for. One thing to pursue.

It’s time to full-ass life instead.

Fear of missing out causes most to miss out on the success they are chasing. Stop chasing more than one rabbit.

Clarity leads to CONFIDENCE.

Clarity leads to SIMPLICITY.

Clarity produces PEACE.


What do you really want? What is the target? Your objective?

I hear…

“I want to make a better life for my family.”

No shit Sherlock! Who doesn’t?

Why does that mean? Specifically? Dial it in. Identify the target.

What do you want? Unapologetically, what do you want?

I hear…

“I want to make more money.”

That’s original!

What does that mean? Why do you want more? How much is more?

What do you want? Unapologetically, what do you want?

Once true clarity is defined for YOU, then you can think about the steps that will need to be taken to get there.


Lack of clarity in my life has come from 2 main sources:

1. Fear of choosing something and putting it out there.

2. Laziness of mind.

Which is it for you?

This week my challenge for you is to get crystal clear in 2 areas of your life:

1. Family
2. Money

On paper. Descriptive. A clear vision with all the details.

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