Christopher Dwyer


Career Experience – In 2015, Chris created a company that works with homeowners to design, market, and expertly manage their vacation rental properties in Colorado. Hiring teams of remodeling, maintenance, and cleaning contractors, gave him tremendous insight into the direct link between how company owners think and their level of success in business.

He worked in the nonprofit management and fundraising realm for 20 years and operated his own management company for 5 years. He’s been a part of The Contractor Fight since 2019.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,”

His Struggles – When Chris left the nonprofit world and stopped identifying with work and achievement, he struggled to reinvent himself. He wasn’t able to trust himself and let go. If he had, the transition would have been short and easy. Instead, it drug on for five years. It consumed his confidence, almost destroyed his marriage, and put him on the brink of financial ruin.
Turns out, the protracted crash was an enormous gift that remains a source of inspiration and wisdom for him. He is more present, accepting, compassionate, successful, and impactful now than he could ever have been without it.

What Qualifies Christopher to be a Coach? – Christopher’s coaching is influenced by years of training and practice in somatic psychology, theta healing, meditation, and yoga. He is a huge believer in human potential and the power of using everyday experiences as tools for personal transformation.

He is walking the same life and business walk his contractor clients are. He loves to help them access the incredible potential lying underneath their ordinary awareness, unexamined assumptions, and head trash.

Personal Life – Chris is a nature-loving Coloradan who was raised in a family with four biological brothers and a litany of American, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Hispanic foster siblings. He is a devoted husband and a proud father of one daughter.