TCF342: 5AM Fight – Winter is Coming

Winter can suck if you’re not properly prepared for the notorious slow-down it brings to businesses everywhere. Tom shares 3 ways to protect your business and be ready for whatever winter brings!   In this episode, we talk about… Price your work high enough so you can squirrel away money for operational expenses  Build your database […]

TCF341: 5AM Fight – 5 Tips for Contractors Just Starting Out

As the new kid on the block, you may feel the need to overcompensate and it’s very likely that you waste time on the wrong things. Tom is here to give you 5 tips that brand-new contractors need to focus on to be successful. Give yourself a fighting chance! In this episode, we talk about… […]

TCF340: 5AM Fight – 5 Reasons to Fire Someone

It’s already hard enough to find skilled labor right now without considering the possibility that you might have to fire somebody. Well, consider it. Not everyone you hire is going to be the perfect fit and it’s just a part of doing business. Here’s Tom with 5 reasons to fire someone! In this episode, we […]

TCF339: 5AM Fight – Sales Advice for New Contractors

It’s normal for the new guy to feel pressure to prove themselves, but that doesn’t mean you have to run that mouth of yours. Tom is here to share a tip for new business owners that will help you skip a lot of the trouble between you and sales success. Peel it back, don’t pounce […]

TCF338: 5AM Fight – 5 Ways to Make More Money on Next Job

Focus and consistency are key to making more money as a contractor. Focus and consistency with what you might ask? Tom is here to tell you three simple things you can do to make more money as a contractor! In this episode, we talk about… Creating a clear scope of work to use your time […]

TCF337: 5AM Fight – Make More Money as a Contractor

Do you want to make more money as a contractor? Of course you do! If you don’t then this podcast isn’t for you. Tom is here today to tell you a couple of things that will help you make more money as a contractor! In this episode, we talk about… Having an open and honest […]

TCF336: 5AM Fight – Should You Give Bonuses to Your Employees?

Many contractors have gotten into trouble over the bonus policies. Tom can tell you first-hand that 100% of companies that he has worked with that had bonus plans were in trouble. There are great alternatives to bonus plans, but if that is the route that you choose to go then make sure you know what […]

TCF335: 5AM Fight – Track Your Time

The #1 thing that is bleeding contracting businesses dry is their labor. It’s important to track your time as specifically as possible. Tom is here to tell you all about the company that he uses to be as efficient as possible with his time. What’s the point of deciding how much to charge if you’re […]

TCF334: 5AM Fight – How to Plan Your Week

Set your week up for success. Most contractors make the mistake of not planning their weeks, which leads to wasted time and missed goals. Tom sure does love to keep things simple and he applies that principle to how he plans his week. It’s important to remember that your process can change as you grow! […]

TCF333: 5AM Fight – I Have Less Experience

Just because you are the new kid on the block or you don’t have a ton of experience in the trade doesn’t mean you can’t kill it as a business owner. Tom wants to share his response to a post on the Facebook group the other day about a lack of experience. This can actually […]