TCF354: How to Salvage a Bad Bid

You’re a contractor that has just entered The Fight only to realize that you still have to complete a project that you now know is underbid. What can you do now? Are you screwed? Tom’s here to tell you, so take a listen! In this episode, we talk about… Avoid going back to the client […]

TCF351:5AM Fight – Welcome to the Club

The journey of building your contracting business to the point of financial success does not have to be a solo one. Tom’s guests today are David Szemcsak, Robert Dailey, Adam Copher, and Marino, 4 contractors with differing experiences who are using the 100K Contractor Program to get their shit together. Each of them has been […]

TCF350: 5AM Fight – When to Hire Your First Employee

Don’t know when to hire your first employee? Well, that’s why you have Tom. Hiring your first employee is something that you know you need to do at a certain point but can be very stressful. With so many things that can go wrong, Tom is here to tell you when the time is right! […]

TCF349: 5AM Fight – How to Compete with Low-Ball Contractors

Every respectable contractor out there hates all those low-ball contractors that seem to be taking their business. Don’t hate all of them. Some of these guys don’t even know they are doing it. Tom is here to educate you on how to compete with those low-ball contractors. Control the things that you can control! In […]

TCF348: 5AM Fight – Protect the Experience

Everyone is looking for a way to stand out, a way to prove their value and give their clients a reason to pay their higher price. Tom’s on the road but that’s not going to stop him from dropping a knowledge bomb on you today. You must emphasize protecting your clients’ experience! In this episode, […]

TCF347: 5 AM Fight – Aim Small Miss Small

In order to hit the goals that you set for yourself, you need to narrow your focus. If a sniper aims for a shirt, he might miss by 3 feet. If a sniper aims for a button, he might miss by 3 inches. Break down those big goals. Aim small miss small. In this episode, […]

TCF346: 5 AM Fight – Which Coaching Program is Right For Your Business?

Which coaching program is right for your business? There’s no better way to get to where you want to be than to learn from those who have already gotten there. You don’t just want to go out and join any group, however, because many can be poisonous and a waste of money. That’s why Tom […]

TCF345: 5 AM Fight – How to Help Your Foremen to be More Successful

The truth is, most contractors are not giving their foremen what they need to be successful. As a result, those foremen become frustrated with their job and are more likely to leave. Tom is here to tell you 5 tips to help your foremen to be more successful. These tips are key to keeping your […]

TCF343: 5AM Fight – Do You Have a Hiring Plan?

Do you have a hiring plan? If you don’t, you’re not alone. This is a big issue for contractors all over the world. Tom is here to break down a few clear signs that you have a hiring problem that needs to be fixed. Don’t let a bad experience with hiring scare you away from […]