TCF749: Why 50% Gross Profit is Key

While the 50% gross profit benchmark is almost non-negotiable when it comes to running a successful business, some contractors still feel hesitant about it. Tom is here to tell you five reasons why a minimum 50% gross profit is crucial to building the business that you want. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – 50% gross profit is […]

TCF748: Go From Surviving to Thriving with Mike Michalowicz

Today on the podcast I talk with best-selling author Mike Michalowicz who aims to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty through his books, courses, and workshops. We discussed how Mike defines ‘winning’, how contractors contribute to their own struggles, strategies for improving your skills as a business owner, and more. We also explore the Strong Leader Live Event in Florida, coming […]

TCF747: From Prison to Profit with Tony Ruffin

Tom’s guest today is Tony Ruffin. Tony talks about his transition from selling drugs to the construction industry, the time and lessons he learned in prison, and how he used his past mistakes as a strength to build a successful business. This episode is different — it’s raw, it’s real, and it offers an exceptional […]

TCF746: The Slimy SalesPerson

Salespeople are often seen as slimy and manipulative. This negative stereotype is common, and it’s not hard to see why. In this episode, Tom explores how to change this negative perception and increase your sales without resorting to manipulative tactics. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Intro [01:01] – What is not your job as a salesperson […]

TCF745: How PCA Empowers Contractors to Thrive with Haley Scoggins and Maggie Kuyper

In this episode, Tom talks with Maggie and Hailey from the PCA (Painting Contractors Association), the oldest trade organization in the US for all trades. The three talked about various topics related to the PCA, including how the organization helps contractors achieve their personal and professional goals. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Intro [00:29] – About […]

TCF744: Say Less, Sell More.

In this episode, Tom talks about how the best salespeople are not always the best at talking. Instead, they are the best at listening. He explains how keeping quiet and letting the customer speak can help you better understand their needs and desires. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Intro – How to increase your sales by […]

TCF743: If you want to grow your business… Do This ONE Thing…

Tom reveals the most critical aspect you need to master to build a thriving and profitable contracting business. And it’s not about selling, marketing, or finances — although these are essential — but rather, one crucial element that takes precedence over all of these. Tune in now to know what it is! Conversation Highlights: [00:00] […]

TCF742: What Does it Mean to Create Value?

What do you mean when you say value? How do you convey the value of your services to prospects in a way that justifies your price and expresses why you think they should hire you? When you learn how to communicate value in a way that means something to your prospects, you can command higher […]

TCF741: The 5 Things You Need to Do to Achieve Your 2023 Goals

Millions of people in almost every corner of the world set New Year’s Goals. But only a small percentage of those people succeed in achieving them. So, in this episode, Tom shares some tips on goal setting that will be extremely powerful when it comes to achieving the things you want. Tune in now! Conversation […]

TCF739: How to Bid a Paint Job

In this episode, Tom walks through how to bid for interior painting projects. He explains why your price may be higher or lower than your competition’s and shares some important considerations for estimating projects in the painting business. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Introduction [00:33] – Identifying leaks in your business [02:25] – Pricing strategies in […]