TCF819: Building a Purpose-Driven Contracting Empire

There are two types of life contractors live — contractors who work tirelessly without a clear direction, believing hard work alone can solve their problems, and contractors who have a purpose, goal, and focus for their work, and their workload is organized chaos rather than just chaos. Which life of a contractor do you relate […]

TCF818: How to Not Create a Moneymaking Business

In this episode, Tom takes a sarcastic approach to tell you how NOT to create a moneymaking business. He shares five valuable pieces of advice in a humorous way that will entertain and educate you about the common mistakes and pitfalls that you should avoid in your contracting business. He wants you to do the […]

TCF816: Do You Know How to Treat People?

Today, Steve talks about one of the most important aspects of running a successful business — how you treat people. He discusses the importance of treating all people well around you, from customers and employees to suppliers and even trash collectors. By sharing the examples from his own contracting business he proves that people are […]

TCF815: Don’t Get Comfortable

Today, Tom warns you against getting too comfortable with success. He shares a story of a contractor who lost his way after finding success. Having applied strategies from “The Fight,” this contractor saw his business and finances grow substantially. However, he began taking his foot off the gas, feeling like he had “arrived.” This led […]

TCF814: The Shinfu Story: Origins, Strategies, and Saving Time in Sales

Today, Tim and Derek discuss the origins of the Shinfu sales methodology, created by Steve Shinholser, and why qualifying leads properly is so important for any contractor business. They also share strategies for pre-qualifying customers, removing the consultation fee, and saving time by focusing on higher-value clients.  In this episode, they discuss: Resources: Ready to […]

TCF813: 3 Bidding Mistakes You Make Too Often

One of the first things a contractor needs to get right is the bid — it’s the foundation of everything. Bidding mistakes can lead to costly mistakes, so it’s important to get it right. Tom discusses the three most common bidding mistakes he sees contractors make that end up costing them profits and causing frustration. […]

TCF811: Communicate, Know Your Numbers, and Lead Like a Millionaire

Want to become a millionaire? Tune in to learn how from Steve, who achieved millionaire status by the age of 30. With the experience of starting four companies, three of which propelled him to millionaire success, Steve shares the secrets that will help you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. He shares the three key […]

TCF810: Meet Needs, Collect Money

In this episode, Tom dives into the art of selling. He shares the key element that will boost your sales and meet your needs — being curious. Tom tells why it’s crucial for contractors to shift from showcasing their expertise to understanding the true motives of the prospects. He wants contractors to be curious when […]

TCF809: The Art of Pricing – A Dance of Numbers and Emotions

Today, Tim and Derek talk about the art of pricing. They explain how to find the right balance between numbers and emotions when quoting your price to clients, and share a personal story of Tim about underestimating a job quote, and highlight the valuable lessons he learned from it. They also emphasize the power of […]

TCF808: Your Contractor Pricing Guide

As a contractor, do you often find yourself struggling with pricing your work? Are you unsure how to best answer the question, “How do I price my work?” Then this episode is for you. Today, Tom helps you get the answer by providing your 2023 contractor pricing guide. He provides an overview of different pricing […]