When to Hire Your First Employee

Today, we’re gonna talk about when you should consider hiring your first employee. As a contractor, you’re saying to yourself: I need people! I need people to come work for me. I know I should hire, but this is kinda stressful. I’m not sure when I should hire my first employee. I remember many years […]

Get Back Coach

I have a ‘get back coach.’ His job is to make sure players and coaches are not standing too close to the football field so the refs can move freely without running into us. His job is to keep all of us back. Me included. As a Head Football Coach I have a vision to […]

2 Ways to Build a Successful Contracting Business

You love to build things. You love to fix things. You love to stand back with pride and look at what you’ve accomplished each day, right? It should be no different when you look at your business. What contractor doesn’t want to build a successful contracting business? Here are 2 ways to ensure that what you […]

How Do I Grow My Construction Business?

Every day thousands of contractors are asking “How Do I Grow My Construction Business?” Before you jump to conclusions and think that growth only means ‘top-line revenue,’ I want to make sure you understand growing your business can mean a few different things based on your goals. Things like: growing revenue growing profit growing happiness […]

SPN83: Raising Up the Next Generation of Your Workforce: Scott Burt & Todd Pudvar

Scott Burt & Todd Pudvar are scratching a huge itch in the painting industry: raising up more qualified workers. Their programs are helping contractors all over the country do better work and make higher profits. Show Highlights Background: Both Scott & Todd  were teachers at local schools Both started painting full-time while teaching and then […]

Thinking Like an Owner: The Key to Building a Stronger Contracting Business

“I wish my guys would think more like owners,” is a phrase I hear often from contractors. This usually comes from frustration about one of the many aspects of running a contracting business. The reality is that the owner is feeling alone and in many cases he’s not even thinking like an owner. And, you […]

Rethinking Your List of Interview Questions

Recently in our Contractor Sales Academy private Facebook Group, one of our members asked for a list of interview questions that we all felt were effective in finding new talent. As expected, many weighed in with some good questions to equip him for his next interview, but I shared a different approach I recently took […]

You Showed Up. So What?

Woody Allen said “80% of success is showing up.” I get what he was trying to say, but I think things have changed a bit since he spoke those words. How many people do you know who are ‘here’ but have no impact? How many do you know that have a lousy work ethic? The […]

Employee Performance is Your Fault

Good or Bad, Employee Performance is Your Fault Almost every day I speak with employers who are tired of the mediocre mindset their employees have. They complain that they are unmotivated, entitled & consistently underperforming. All of that may be true in you company. If it is, it’s your fault. Here are a few of […]