Business Growth Strategies: Do what successful business owners do!

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Business success is pretty simple if you’re willing to do the work. Even though it’s simple, we can often make it more complicated than it needs to be. I know I personally have made things more difficult than necessary at times!

Mastering & practicing the basics of any endeavor are usually the key to continued success.

If you want to win more football games than you lose…BLOCK & TACKLE.

If you want to lose weight…EAT BETTER & SWEAT MORE.

Business success is no different!

What do the most successful business owners do that others don’t?

Here’s a quick list of business growth strategies:

1.  They know ‘why’ they’re in the game and keep that ‘why’ in front of them…in their sights.

2.  They know ‘who’ their customer is and focus on meeting their needs.

3.  They focus and minimize distractions.

4.  They create systems that run the business and then work the system.

5.  They work. They don’t just talk about what needs to be done, but instead they DO it. I have a coaching client who made a commitment to talk to 3 people per day about her business and you’ll never guess what happened! The business is growing! Why? Because she is WORKING!

6.  They know their math and track everything from the number of leads to what their break even point is to the average size of a      sale, etc…they LOVE that info because they understand they can make great decisions and create great systems WHEN the math is understood.

7.  They make sure that they sell their ‘widget’ for more than it costs them to produce…in other words, they make sure they are making a profit.

8.  They hang out with winners.  They limit their time with negative thinkers.

9.  They get better.  They are better people than they were last year. They are sponges, always absorbing more knowledge about how to grow…and then…

10.  They IMPLEMENT what needs to be done and don’t make excuses!

Success is simple. Focus & execution are the challenge.

Today, take a minute to write out what you feel will help propel you towards success and then get off your tail and do it!