SP 05: Building a Strong Business with The Iron Tamer, David Whitley

Screenshot 2015-02-02 22.10.09Don’t expect a discussion about thigh masters or treadmills with this Strongpreneur. David Whitley, aka, The Iron Tamer is a performing Strongman who lifts heavy stuff, tears phonebooks and bends steel spikes. In this discussion, we talk about defining your own strength and doing what works for you as opposed to getting caught playing everyone else’s game. He’s a Master StrongFirst Instructor who instructs all over the world and shares great lessons to help your business go to new levels.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Defining your own strength
  • Lessons learned from cold water dousing
  • Doing what works for you instead of playing everyone else’s game
  • Why it makes no sense to undercharge for your services just because you’re a new business

You can contact The Iron Tamer here: