How to Build a Stronger & More Effective Website

What makes a website strong & effective?

That’s simple: It moves people closer to what you want them to do. Whether you want them to buy something, schedule an estimate or join your cause, an effective website will make it easier for people to take the next step.

One area most companies are screwing up

There are many things that make a website effective:

  • Solid design & high value content
  • Clear message of how your company can help their pain
  • Great copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization

The success of your website will depend on many factors. But, one that I see people messing up continually is this:

Poor Images

I am not a web designer. I am not a photographer. I am a coach and every time I have suggested my clients remodel or build a new website we run into this problem and it makes the building of a website much more difficult.

Most of my clients work in home improvement. They build beautiful kitchens, homes and landscapes. But, they either fail to take any pictures of their amazing work or they try to do it on the cheap. Obviously, this makes it difficult for the web designer to showcase their talents.

I also have clients who are the business. They may be realtors, financial professionals. etc. They often hire a photographer who’s offering a $75 headshot special at a chamber of commerce event and then put that shot all over their website, cards, signs and social media platforms. Some even use images they take themselves with their iphone.

Tips for building a stronger website with images

Here is my advice if you want to kick butt with your site.

First, understand that first class images tell a story. They communicate a lot about who you are. Realtors will go out and buy expensive cars. Contractors will buy expensive tools they use twice each year. And then these same people go on the cheap when it’s time to invest in their brand. That’s stupid.

personal development
Todd Pierson understands lighting & can achieve more with less better than anyone I know.

My next bit of advice is simply this: Cough up some money and hire the best photographer you can. I am blessed to have amazing images on my site. They were done by Todd Pierson.

I also work with one of the best in the business when it comes to professional head shots…Michael Montalto. He’s about to take some new shots of me. UPDATE: That’s his work on my homepage.

These guys are not cheap. But, they are both on my team because they are the best in their craft. That’s part of the story I want to tell at MOTOR.

If you really want a strong & effective website, then pony up the cash and invest in your brand. Trust me. It will pay off many times over…

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