Bolder, Tougher and a Little Kinder


I am fortunate to be part of some amazing communities. One group, or Tribe as we call it, is The CAC (Certified Aquascape Contractors) group. This is a group of the world’s most elite pond installers in the water gardening industry. You can learn more about Aquascape and their CAC program here.

Several times each year they get together to work on themselves as individuals and their businesses. I am grateful to be invited and have made many great friends who inspire me often.

I recently returned from a small event in Cabo San Lucas called Cabomonium. This was an intimate week long event designed to bond and equip the tribe even more. One of my habits is to give a recap of what I learned at the events I attend. Here’s my list of the most impactful lessons I came home with.

1. I was reminded to do what’s never been done before. My new friend, Brad Barton, is the oldest man to break the 4:20 mile barrier. After sharing his story of many successes and heart-breaking failures I walked away rejuvenated to keep my eyes focused on bigger things for my life and business. He lives big. He competes. He is everything that MOTOR stands for and I am encouraged by him to be bolder in my dreams.

2. I was inspired to be tougher. There was no one conversation, but many, that drilled this home for me. Spending countless hours with people who have come from horrific backgrounds and have motored through every type of adversity is eye opening. The mental, emotional and physical toughness of these people is impressive. There are people fighting so many battles all around me right now. I am pulling for them, praying for them and I am inspired by them. MOTORtough

3. I want to be a kinder person. I’ve had the honor of spending time with a guy named Jerry Nelson on a few different occasions. He’s one of the founders of Ticketmaster and 40 or so other companies. This 85 year young man spoke to us and moved me once again. Each time I spend time with or hear him speak I truly walk away wanting to be a kinder human being. Despite all his success in worldly ways, his greatest achievements are the relationships he’s built. He is many things, but most of all I find him to be kind. I’d like to be more like that.

Cabomonium was a thumbnail image of a larger picture. The pond community is unlike any I’m a part of. They heckle, help and inspire one another like no other group I’ve been a part of since the Marines. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to make many new friends and strengthen my bond with the old ones.