Best Business Blogs for Contractors


I recently wrote a blog titled, ‘The Best Business Blogs for New Businesses in 2013.’ You can check it out here.  I promise you’ll get smarter almost instantly if you read these blogs!

Today, I step into my past world as Painting Contractor and share with you what I believe are some of the best business blogs for contractors on the web. The information in these blogs helped my business partner & I build the top residential painting company in our region.

Like many small business owners, contractors are famous for working IN their business and neglecting the working ON their business. I get it.  I’ve been there. Done that.

There is so much to do as a contractor:

  • Performing estimates
  • Writing proposals
  • Making follow-up calls and countless revisions (my least favorite part of the job)
  • Collecting checks
  • Doing payroll
  • Setting up the crews
  • Training new people
  • And, on and on and on…

The end of their day rolls around and they hear someone like me telling them that they need to work on a business plan, marketing strategy or some other type of system!  Today’s list of Best Business Blogs for Contractors was developed with that in mind.  I know contractors are busy, which is why I only included blogs that were down to earth and relevant to the fast pace of a contractor. For the most part, these are all quick reads. If you are a contractor I beg you to find 15-30 minutes each day to feed your mind the wisdom found in the following blogs.

  1.  David Chism. This dude knows how to build client relationships like no other. He’s also got some serious ‘marketing chops.’ If you do what he says you will be cooler than you are now! Check out his blog here!
  2. Karyn Greenstreet.  A wealth of knowledge for you to strengthen your small biz. Quick reads. Relevant to the struggles of the small business.  Here’s her blog!
  3. Marcus Sheridan.  He made the other list I made, but he started as a contractor. This guy will rock your world. Marcus’ blog.
  4. The Blogging Painters. I know this is specific to the painting industry, but Chris Haught and her team are really adding value to the Painting Contractor Community. There are many applicable lessons for any type of contractor here.  Click here!
  5. Duct Tape Marketing. John Jantsch has been at it for a long time. Besides really knowing his stuff, he’s got ‘duct tape’ in his name…what’s more ‘contractor’ than that! Duct tape Marketing Blog!

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