TCF739: How to Bid a Paint Job

In this episode, Tom walks through how to bid for interior painting projects. He explains why your price may be higher or lower than your competition’s and shares some important considerations for estimating projects in the painting business. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Introduction [00:33] – Identifying leaks in your business [02:25] – Pricing strategies in […]

TCF738: Build Your Team with the Right Marketing Message with Jeani Ringkob

How do you market your company to the right people? Tom talks to Jeani Ringkob from StoryBuilt Marketing about how to use marketing to recruit your ideal employee and how to target the right people for your business, so you continue to build your team and grow your business. Jeani is a speaker and marketing […]

TCF737: Why Contractors Don’t Succeed

Why do some people achieve success and others don’t? In this episode, Tom discusses why you might not be having the success you desire and shares one key element that plays a significant role in reaching your goals but is often overlooked. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Intro — Why you might not be having success […]

TCF736: Why Are You Low on Cash?

Are you low on cash and struggling to understand why you’re in this situation? In this episode, Tom explores three main reasons why this might be happening to you. Don’t let a low bank account hold you back – listen to this episode, take control and make the changes you need to improve your financial […]

TCF735: Secrets of the Shin-Fu Sales Masters

In this episode, Tom talks with The Fight coaches Dan, Tim, and Derek about business development and sales. They cover the nitty-gritty of what makes a salesperson stand out, the most important aspects that a contractor must get right to solidify a good relationship with their client on the sales call, and discuss different ways […]

TCF734: Money Mindset – How to Use Your Slow Times to Grow Your Business

It’s wintertime—the slow season for businesses. But whatever the situation is, you’ve got to keep growing. So, Tom is here to talk about what to do when you are slow in your business. He shares how to make the most of this time so you can come out of the other end winning. Conversation Highlights: […]

TCF733: How to Fix Your Sales Head Trash

Do you have a hard time selling because of your mindset? Would you like to become better at your craft and make more sales? Join Tom as he shares some great tips on how to fix your sales head trash, so you can get out there and crush it! Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Getting your […]

TCF732: Monday Mojo – She Comes with Me

Today, Tom talks about relationships by sharing a post that he made on social media captioned “She Comes with Me” with a picture of him and his wife on an airplane. It’s about showing your significant other they’re your priority, crucial to your success, and it matters that they’re with you. In this episode, Tom […]

TCF731: Friday Fails – No Assumptions

How often do you make assumptions in your business? Dan discusses another core value of The Contractor Fight—No assumptions. He shares why it is so important NOT to make assumptions and how they can affect your business’s success. In this episode, we talk about…   Resources:  == Check out Contractor Sales Pros on Facebook. The place […]

TCF730: Money Mindset: How to Improve Cash Flow During a Recession

Good cash flow is the straw that stirs the drink. But it’s a lot easier said than done, right? Join Tom as he shares some helpful insights on ways that you can improve your cash flow and be profitable regardless of whether you’re in a recession or not. Conversation Highlights: [00:00] – Intro [02:28] – […]