TCF929: Mastering Your Mindset: Believing in Financial Freedom

Tom sits down with Anthony Abbott to discuss how contractors can master their mindset to overcome financial struggles and achieve financial freedom in their businesses. They introduce the Freedom Bundle, a combination of The Fight’s two programs — Nail Your Numbers course and Shin-Fu Sales training — designed to help contractors master their finances and […]

TCF928: Mind Reading

Do you have a habit of assuming a client’s budget based on their appearance or demeanor? Do you presume what features or options a client might want without asking? Well, you need to ditch this bad habit because it can cost you deals and opportunities. Tim and Derek share why assuming you know what a […]

Starting a Contractor Business and Want to Have Success Immediately?

starting a contractor business

You’re gonna find tons of articles out there about starting a contractor business, but 99% of them were written by people who have no clue what the hell they’re talking about. If you want to start a contracting business or you’ve recently started one and feel lost, I’m here to give you some real-world advice […]

TCF927: My Thoughts on Lead Generation Services

Sometimes, getting new leads can be a tough task for contractors. One way many businesses do this is through lead generation services. But should you use third-party lead generation services for your business? Tom shares his thoughts on lead generation services. He discusses why building a strong brand is essential for contractors and how they […]

TCF926: The Customer Journey

Are you providing a journey customers love? Or are you just another average company that most customers love to hate? Steve discusses his formula of success that has made him millions of dollars – the customer journey. He discusses the importance of focusing on providing a positive customer experience during the entire customer journey from […]

TCF925: 6 Questions to Ask Every Prospect

Are you tired of prospects who seem lukewarm about your services? The secret to closing more deals may lie in the questions you ask during the qualification process. Join Tim and Derek as they discuss the six questions Tim asks his every prospect – and the reason behind them. They do a roleplay where Tim […]

TCF924: You Haven’t Done Enough

“You haven’t done enough yet!” Tom has a tough love message for you. It might sting, but this is a wake-up call to take your business to the next level. He says while you may have achieved some success in your business, you haven’t done enough to truly reach your potential. He wants you to […]

How To Make Money As A Contractor: Contractor Business Tips

how to make money as a contractor Most contractors don’t make the kind of money they want to make. Maybe you have a few jobs under your belt and you feel pretty good, but at some point, you wake up and realize that the money just isn’t coming in. At least, not as much as you would have hoped. So, I’m […]

TCF923: Why You Should Bring Your Partner to the Mile High Profit Summit

Tom sits down with Mark and Michelle Bunker of Bunker Building. They discuss the intricacies of working with your spouse, the impact of changing your environment, and dealing with stress. They also share how they went from just getting by to living a great life, the power of surrounding yourself with the right community and […]

TCF922: I Want to Make You a Millionaire 

If you find value in our podcast episodes and webinars, then the value you will get at the 2024 Mile High Profit Summit will be tenfold! Steve shares what a life-changing experience it can be if you stop making excuses and show up! In this episode, Steve discusses: Click here to sign up for Mile […]