TCF687: YOUR MONEY MINDSET – Rise & Reign with Empire

In this episode, Tom had a conversation with Sunny Pinhero & Suhaiba Neill, coaches of the Empire program of The Contractor Fight. The three discussed how the Empire program will work, what type of people are a fit for it, and how the program can help grow your business. Conversation Highlights: [00:31] – Welcome notes  […]

TCF686: GET EYEBALLS – Getting the Phone to Ring

If you want more revenue in your business, if you want to make a bigger impact on your business, you have to drive traffic and get eyeballs to your business. Tom discusses tips and techniques for attracting and retaining customers because you cannot sell anything without that. In this episode, Tom talks about…  Reasons why […]

TCF685: SELL UNAFRAID- You’ve Arrived!

In this episode, Tom and Steve Shinholser talk about their business journey, what they’ve learned from being in the business space for so many years, business partnerships, sales, and improving your emotional health. [00:00] – Intro [02:08] – Steve is leaving the Battleground Group [04:52] – Who is a good fit for The Fight [06:36] […]

TCF684: Friday Fails – Stop Stealing Time from Your Family

You often steal your family’s time when you work long hours and weekends as a contractor. Dan reminds you that you have to work hard for your business, but you can’t handle everything alone—reach out and get coaching from someone who has been through it, and protect your time with your family. In this episode, […]

TCF683: Contractor Q&A: “When Should You Invest in Paid Coaching?”

The guys answer your questions about investing in paid coaching, restarting your business after losing money, and giving clients a rough estimate of the project during the prequalification phase. In this episode, we talk about…  Question 1: When is the right time to invest in paid coaching? Getting paid coaching doesn’t have to wait until […]

TCF682: Best Growth Strategies for Contractor Businesses with John Salzarulo

Tom’s guest is John Salzarulo—the founder of Hoist—who left the coding world to run his family service business, which he grew to double its value within two years. After John sold his family business, he realized how much potential there was in the home services market, so he founded Hoist, a software company to help […]

TCF681: The Sales Show – Two Lives

It can be hard to get the work-life balance right. You want to spend time with your family, but you also want to work hard to build a successful business. In this episode, Derek shares how he manages the two lives he lives—family life and business life.  In this episode, we discuss…  Finding the balance […]

TCF680: Monday Mojo – Gratitude

When it’s hard to see the good things in life, being grateful for what you have is an instantly uplifting and positive ritual! Tom tells why it’s important to think of gratitude as something fundamental in your daily routine and how practicing gratitude can benefit your business and improve your life. In this episode, Tom […]

TCF679: Friday Fails – Lone Wolf

Doing it alone seems so much easier, and logical doesn’t it? It’s just you, being smart and efficient, doing whatever you want, for better or for worse—but it is not without cost. Dan shares why you should stop being a lone wolf and start networking and using mentors. In this episode, we talk about…   What […]

TCF678: Contractor Q&A: “How to Compete With Big Companies in Your Area?”

Tom and Dan answer your questions about the impact of the current state of the economy on contractors, how contractors can thrive and survive during this time, and what they can do to compete with large companies. They also share the strongest attribute, which helped them to survive and thrive during the past recessions. In […]