TCF869: Sales DOJO

Want to be a ninja of sales? Join Tim and Derek as they take you to Sales DOJO – the ultimate training ground for sales ninjas. Sales DOJO is a monthly mock sales call session for battleground members, where The Fight coaches demonstrate sales techniques in front of the members. This allows the battleground members […]

TCF868: Scaling to $300 million with Tommy Mello

Today, Tom is joined by Tommy Mello, owner of A1 Garage Door Service, to share his incredible journey of scaling his garage door repair business to $300 million in annual revenue. In 2018, Tommy’s business was doing $30 million yearly. Just a few short years later, he has grown it 10x in size. How was […]

TCF867: UNMUTE Yourself – How to find your voice!

Have you ever wanted to share your ideas but felt too nervous? Many people suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking, but staying silent won’t help you. Steve wants you to UNMUTE yourself and find your voice! Like many of you, Steve used to be terrified of speaking in front of others and […]

TCF866: Can’t Sell Unless you Know your Numbers

You have to feed the machine. Your company needs money in order to survive and grow. In order to do this, you can’t just shoot from the hip and hope it all turns out well. Tim and Derek explain why you can’t sell properly unless you know how much it costs to run your business. […]

TCF865: From $300k to $2.7 million in 12 months

Today, Tom sits down with Anthony Abbott of Greystone Remodeling. A few years ago, Anthony was just another hardworking contractor, barely making $300k a year. But after joining The Fight, his life changed forever. Anthony reveals how he went from $300k to over $2.7 million in sales in just 12 months. He shares his strategies […]

TCF864: Create your Work Calendar

January 2024 has already made its mark on the sands of time. Have you planned your work calendar for the year? If not, Tim and Derek want you to create it — by creating a work calendar, you can map out your time, schedule important events, and ensure you have enough time to complete projects […]

TCF863: Finding Kapital for Business Growth

Have you lost projects or opportunities because you lack funding? Do you wish there was a way to take your business to the next level without relying on bank loans? Today’s guest, Kortney Murray, has a non-traditional path to money lending for contractors. Kortney Murray is the founder and CEO of Coastal Kapital, an alternative […]

TCF862: Embracing Self-Love, Redefining Success and Breaking Chains

We’ve all struggled with negative self-talk at times, and this negative self-talk impacts not only our well-being but also our relationships and work. Tim and Derek discuss how intentionally practicing self-love and positive affirmations can help you break the chain of negative self-talk and boost your business. They also talk about how we’re all imperfect […]

TCF861: New Recruiting App for Tradespeople

Many people in the trades industry will often say it’s challenging to find skilled tradespeople. To solve this problem, Brian Drucks founded a platform called Where Trades Go, which directly connects employers with qualified tradespeople.  Brian is a second-generation painting contractor with decades of experience running his own painting business. Brian explained his motivation for […]

TCF860: The Art of Gaining Trust: Making Them Feel Important

Many times, prospects really want to use your service, but they hesitate to make the deal because they lack trust and think somebody is going to take advantage of them. This lack of trust makes it hard to convince them to go ahead. That’s why, to help them say yes, you need to show them […]