TCF112: Marketing Like a Warrior with Mike Agugliaro

  In this episode, Tom sits down with Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior . Mike took his first company, Gold Medal Service from making less than 1 million to more than 30 million in just a single year. He’s now the founder of CEO Warrior, host of the CEO Warrior Podcast, author of 5 […]

TCF111: The Only Sales Podcast You’ll Ever Need with Anthony Iannarino

In this episode, Tom sits down with contractor, author, speaker and sales leader Anthony Iannarino. This multi-faceted entrepreneur discusses the keys any contractor must keep in mind to be successful, from choosing a positive, confident mindset and determining what you want from your business, to developing the discipline to grow your business. Iannarino also offers […]

TCF109: Stop Being a Doormat For Your Clients (Solocast)

Show Notes: Stop letting your clients tell you how to run your job. How do you take control of your business and the customer? You have to have perspective You have to build trust Cut them off when you need to Join The Contractor Fight!

TCF108: Boots to Business, Advancing Vetrepreneurs with Dan Dwyer

Show Notes: Dan is a husband, father, veteran, coach, entrepreneur, coach.  Dan started his own business “Coach to Perform” to coach people in business management.  Dan is a veteran entrepreneur, focusing on those who experience success and challenges, to tell and sell the stories of Veterans. Leadership Job #1 is individual development of their team […]

TCF107: Don’t Be A Wuss (Solocast)

  Don’t take hair cuts now to make a little money, at the cost of your long term goals. Do not get into the habit of giving a discount because someone tells you to. Trust your price.  Do it right.  Or walk away. People wont respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Discounting one brings […]

TCF106 : Painting Happiness with Josh Abramson

  Encourage everyone, in every position, to own and lead or teach at some point. Incentivize to bring people onto their crew and how to make ALLBRiGHT the best place they have ever worked. Company wide private social media platform for the company to daily to encourage and share positive feed back. Building a company […]

TCF105: Should You Grow Your Contractor Business (Solocast)

Join The Contractor Fight Today! You have 24 hours to own your crap in your life and business. Should you scale your business? Why would you want to multiply what isn’t working? Growing your business before you are ready is just growing your problems. You have to be committed to the long game to make […]

TCF104: The Fight Is On (Solocast)

  I’m owning my sh*t!     The Motor brand is gone. The Strongpreneur brand is gone. We are now, “The Contractor Fight”!   Instead of being mediocre in many things,  I’m going to be kick ass in ONE! Own your crap. Live unafraid.  Build the life you want! Today we declare war on the “less […]