EP132: Are You Really a Professional Salesperson?

If you’re too busy to get sales training and practice because of all of your appointments, then are you really a professional? In this episode, we talk about… How if you’re not practicing and learning just about every single day, you’re not going to be good at sales. Period. What it means for something to […]

EP131: Making it Easy for Your Clients

Today’s episode dives into a friend’s recent complaint about what a pain it is to talk to contractors on the phone. In this episode, we talk about… The specifics of what this customer’s complaints with this contractor were. One simple solution for these issues on the contractor’s part – asking a question, and then listening […]

EP130: The Fu-Pass

Are you meeting your margins? Listen up to learn about how to hit those sales goals, upsell to customers, and get your team up to speed. In this episode, we talk about… Putting in the time now to make things muscle memory so that you’re not restricted in the moment when you need it. Other […]

EP129: What Do You Pay Your Employees?

Today’s episode is inspired by Amazon recently boosting their starting pay for workers. While a lot of business owners default to having a scarcity mindset, it’s important to step it up when paying your people. Listen to find out why. In this episode, we talk about… How the wrong mindset about hiring and paying employees […]

EP128: Mastering the Motive

If you follow our Shin-Fu method, you know that getting to the heart of a customer’s motive is integral to the sales process. But what do you do when they won’t open up about it? In this episode, we talk about… Whether or not the issue really is that the customer doesn’t want to share […]

EP127: New Name, Same Game

We’ve rebranded our podcast with a new name and there’s a few exciting changes happening around here, but we’re still here – bigger and better – to help you level up your contracting business!   In this episode, we talk about… Recent changes to the business, including merging with The Contractor Fight! Why the changes […]

EP126: Burnout & Balance

Everyone’s always talking about work-life balance these days, so the guys are here to break down their unique takes on it. In this episode, we talk about… How there’s a fine line between the level of busy that moves the needle forward versus the level of busy that’s just bullshit and busy work. It often […]

EP125: Where The Hell Is Tom?

Communication and adaptability are two skills everyone needs to continuously improve. Stop waiting for things to magically get better and make the changes you need to make before it’s too late! In this episode, we talk about… What having a true partnership means The universal reason relationships fall apart: communication The power of being able […]


Business feels easy when sales are coming inconsistently. But what happens when things slow down? The guys explain why you must build habits that maintain your momentum! In this episode, we talk about… Why you should be selling every day What happens when you lose your momentum Finding the balance of outselling capacity with the […]


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