Are You Stealing From Your Family?

Over the past several weeks (pre- #coronavirus freak out), I have been listening on the social media platforms, digging into keyword research tools to see trends and also YouTube search trends.

One thing is continually jumping out at me in the #construction industry more than anything else….

The Lack of Focus on Sales Training

Typically, we will lean into the areas we are comfortable in and lean away from those that make us uncomfortable. So, it’s not surprising to see contractors talking about tools, criticizing others for methods of work or latching on to the negativity and fear being pumped into the world right now.

My goal here is today, if you’re a home improvement contractor, is to simply help get your eyes on the importance of becoming a sales expert. Here’s a few quick reasons that may resonate with you.

1. Nothing happens without a sale: Production, team meetings, training, cutting paychecks…none of it happens without a sale. Your #1 job now is to write deals (just like it’s always been). What you focus on improves. This is crucial. This lack of focus on selling is no different than intentionally stealing from your family and those you love. It’s your duty to sell.

2. The typical consumer will (more than usual) attempt to play games with contractors during an economic crisis. They will read articles about how to beat us up and get the best prices…get us to drop our shorts and attempt to pit us against one another. Sales training will prepare you to head off objections and ensure you are only spending time with the right prospects for you and your business. Let the untrained ones race to the bottom.

3. Lead flow will most likely greatly decrease. This means less ‘at-bats’ to hit your break-even numbers. Most contractors don’t have bags of money sitting around to help them stay alive if sales dry up. Selling at higher profit margins will help you recover your overhead faster when volume decreases. The best contractor sales training programs will help you not just hit top-line numbers, but also ensure you are more profitable.

How do you know it’s time for sales training? Here are just a few indicators:

  • You’re still doing free estimates & logging a bunch of time looking out your windshield, driving to see Unicorns.
  • You think “pre-qualification” is making sure they have a pulse and said they want what you do.
  • You lean on tools like softwares, estimating programs or other handouts and brochures for confidence.
  • You are amazed when prospects aren’t impressed by your “years of experience,” or your “high quality work,” and then hire the low-ball contractor.
  • You struggle to communicate your value in a way that the prospect gives a crap about.
  • You spend HOURS typing up quotes that end up going nowhere.
  • Your debt is increasing.
  • You never seem to be able to ‘get ahead’ financially.

A contractor not taking part of a consistent & challenging sales training program is like a Marine not going to rifle range regularly or a professional golfer blowing off the driving range. One of the most important aspects of our Contractor Sales Academy is our focus on daily role-playing. Want to be elite? You need to practice!

Sales is a skill that can and must be learned and improved on, regardless of your current skill level.

Are other areas of the business important? OF COURSE THEY ARE! But, take some time to look in the mirror and honestly access your skills as a salesperson. Then, find a program that will challenge you and prepare you for whatever comes your way.