Anthony Abbott

Fight Coach

Career ExperienceIn June 2012, Anthony Abbott started working as a framing carpenter, building custom homes, after his enlistment in the US Army for six years. He started a general contractor business in July 2015 with $500, a few tools, and an air compressor he borrowed from his dad. Today, his high-end remodeling contractor company produces over $3m a year using all subcontractors. He is the only employee of his company.

“Change your thoughts, and you change the world.”

His Struggles – Anthony was full of head trash that kept him from growing. He didn’t believe he would ever be a successful business owner. He focused on himself, and not what the clients needed, he never charged enough and was practically working for free. He’s been financially broke, ran on little sleep, and believed his life would always be a struggle, while in reality, the struggle was all between his ears.

What Qualifies Anthony to be a Coach? –Anthony started his business with no real knowledge or mentor. Over the years, he has learned from his mistakes. And he can often spot them in other people’s businesses. His experience from being broke to building a successful business provides practical examples of implementation and growth, as well as inspiration. When he found TCF two years ago, he found the keys to a new life. He implemented what he learned and has been able to inspire other group members to dig deep, do the work, stop making excuses, and become better.

Personal Life –Anthony lives in a small, rural town 30 minutes north of Raleigh, NC, with his beautiful wife Lindsay, two awesome children – his son Ethan and his daughter Ashton – and two labrador retrievers. He likes to hunt, fish, hike, camp, and enjoys anything outdoors. They live a rather simple and quiet life out in the country. He recently taught himself TIG welding as a hobby.