Acknowledgement vs. Ownership

I’ve asked you to own your shit over on our Contractor Fight Facebook group. I’m liking what I am seeing and hearing from you. I feel the truth coming out.

***Here’s the deal, though.***

Are you just admitting stuff you’ve been acknowledging for many months and years?

Is this just one more time that you’re acknowledging ‘my bad’ but doing nothing about it?

You suck at paper work.
You need to be more assertive with your people.
You co-mingle funds.
You procrastinate.
You waste time doing BS things.
You blow off sales.

Whatever you shared I say SO WHAT?

Big deal. You came clean.


Why bother coming clean if you’re not going to OWN IT?

Ownership means ‘mediocrity dies today.’

Ownership means you will clear your calendar, make funds available or whatever else needs to happen in order to change the mess you’ve made.

How hard would you fight for air if I held your head underwater for 2 minutes?




That’s what we’d get from you as you fought for air.

This week, pick one thing that needs that from you. Attack it. Go through the pain. Go through the hassle. Go through the expense.

Then, the week after that repeat.

Repeat until conquered.

Whatever it takes…make it happen.

The Contractor Fight is a fight. Fights require punching and getting punched. They require training and eating right. Fights require sacrifice in order to win.

This is Round 1 ?

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