Hi. I’m Tom. I know I don’t have much time to convince you to hang out here.

You can check out the programs we have.

You can watch some of the hundreds of videos or read a few of the many articles that fill this site. But, that will take some time.

So, instead of you spending a couple hours attempting to figure out if  this is going to be worth your time or not, I thought I’d speed up the process by sharing three reasons why you might want to bail out now.


I can not help you fix your business if you’re undisciplined. 

For some reason, contractors come here and think their lives will change if they can “just get some new and exciting” information that will help them be more successful.

Sorry. Wrong place.

If you can’t get your ass out of bed in the morning and work a plan I can’t help you. (for those who are disciplined, get ready to make some serious improvements).


If you don’t want to dig into the numbers of your business, leave. 

Winning in business requires understanding certain metrics. It requires giving a shit about the math.

If you care more about being a craftsman than you do building something that will provide a stronger future for your family then we will never get along.

Doing high quality work is important. Being a master business person is more important.


If you’re looking for an easy way, I don’t want to help you.

Candidly, I don’t respect people who whine about how hard things are. I believe anything worth having will require me to get uncomfortable. That’s where growth happens.

Should we strive to work ‘smart’? Yes! Should we look to create leverage in your business? Yes!

But, comfort leads to mediocrity. I will push you to grow.

Still reading?


Here’s what you can expect from me.

→  Actionable strategies & tactics that you can use in your business right now, for free…followed by…

→  Occasional sales pitches

Yes. I just said I was going to pitch you on occasion. Why wouldn’t I? I’m a business coach who makes his living by helping contractors get their heads right and make 100’s of thousands of dollars.

But, there is plenty of stuff here you can use for free. If you want to move faster that costs money.

Here’s What I Will Help
You With, Specifically

My main focus is to help you get your head right.

I was an overworked, tail-chasing, thin-wallet carrying contractor until I got my thinking right.

Once that happened I sold millions, worked less and enjoyed the business more.

I will help you

  Set & achieve better goals

→  Sell your jobs at higher prices

→  Keep more profit

→  Find and keep better employees

→  Get more leads

And, a bunch of other stuff.

Tom, how do you do all this?

First, there’s our ‘flagship, not-for-everyone’ program, The Contractor Sales Academy. If you want to attack things hard, join this group. I’m not sure you can make the cut, since most contractors are unwilling to get this uncomfortable.

Contractor Fight Night is a monthly paid coaching workshop. If you’re looking for a coaching starter program, this is for you.

Finally, make sure you join the Contractor Fight Private Facebook Group. There are hundreds of cool people helping each other. And, it’s free.

Here’s My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my blog and read some of the articles on my site. 

If you like them, sign up for The Daily Fight. You’ll get quick tips each day to help you in your business. Sign up here.

If they help you, consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this page and get to work!

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[/vc_column_text][us_testimonial author=”Dan Sherwood” company=”Sherwood Painting Services”]Tom’s 1-1 coaching program has transformed by 11yr old painting business. His practical, implementable advice filled in the holes and the results are undeniable. Sales are up $295k over last year as of July 1, a 54% improvement.
Prices are up, Gross Profit is up, the business is finally running as it should after just 6 months of working with Tom.
My only regret is not taking the leap earlier.[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Jeremy Hesselink” company=””]My biggest fear of coaching was that it would not be effective. There are SO many, “give us your hard earned money,” schemes and “we will make your business successful” that it’s hard to differentiate between what is true and what is total Bull. No, my fear did not come true. You provide a ton of value as long as me the player was willing to play. I from day one bought into the coach vs. Player performance dynamic. Both have to work hard in order for there to be success.
And tada! I had what many would consider an “against all odds” first year of business. My accountant’s unbiased words were, “You have a net revenue that most small business owners would die for, and being that it is your first year, that is spectacular.[/us_testimonial][us_separator type=”invisible” size=”small”][us_testimonial author=”Chris Sturdyvin” company=”Chris’ Water Gardens”]

I am here to tell you that it has been well worth the money put in!  Of the 6 ponds we’ve contracted this year so far, we’ve made almost 40% more than we would have last year, before learning from the Contractor Sales Academy. PLUS, our annual spring clean-outs were raised in price and we made over $10,000 MORE, doing LESS ponds…we’re getting paid more for doing the same work by simply changing our pricing. So, for me, that investment to have a couple of business/life coaches helping me provide for my family and business, was well worth it and I will continue to learn from them and improve my business model.

[/us_testimonial][us_separator type=”invisible” size=”small”][us_testimonial author=”Adrian Kapp” company=”C.E. Pontz & Sons Landscape Contractors”]

Our biggest concern when hiring you was simply the additional expense and wondering if I will get the value from you that I am paying for. WE DID and ARE!! Well worth the investment and its only been a few phone calls. You have been able to ‘nurturingly’ assert your foot in our arse to get us looking at things we were otherwise overlooking. The lightbulb has been turned on.” “I would say, don’t buy another thing for your business. Get on board with the coaching and create the plan on how your business is going to function. You’ll run better as a team.

[/us_testimonial][us_separator type=”invisible” size=”small”][us_testimonial author=”Alan Decker” company=”Decker’s Landscapes & Aquatics”]

I was able to watch my daughter hit a triple in her softball game last night. Your coaching has given me a life again.

[/us_testimonial][us_separator type=”invisible” size=”small”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]