To make less than $100,000 per year in America is living on the edge of disaster. Retirement. Health Care. Vacations. It all adds up. You deserve better. Your family deserves better.

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Many contractors believe that the only way to win jobs and sell to their clients is to drive out to the homeowner’s house without asking any pre-qualifying questions.

You may be thinking “well if I just go out there to shake their hand, they’ll see how great I am and want to hire me”.

Little did you know that they were getting 2 other bids. Or maybe their budget was about 50% of what your job cost would be.

Forget about a profit.

You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and truly understand if a prospect is going to hire you.

And you’ll be able to do this all over the phone so you don’t have to spend hours driving around in your truck from bid to bid hoping they like you.

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A customized one-on-one coaching plan that begins with a trip to beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado at Fight Headquarters with Tom. Agenda is geared to your needs. Walk away with a plan we’ll help you execute via follow-up coaching calls. Complete the info request if you are interested

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