Aaron Harshaw

Fight Coach & Member Champion

Career Experience –Aaron Harshaw began working for a local builder in the residential construction industry, at age 14. During college & post-grad studies, he worked for both residential and commercial construction companies as a carpenter. In August 2018, Aaron earned his Class A General Contractor’s license, and he started his home renovation business on September 1, 2018. What started as a one-man operation now has an in-house build team of three with a part-time office/bookkeeper.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until one can learn to do it well.”

His Struggles – Aaron had a serious case of non-business-experience mind-cancer (head trash) that led him to believe he wasn’t good enough, or smart enough, to run a successful business. In 2022, a major project went sideways, causing a nearly $100k out-of-pocket expenditure. This was a huge wake-up call and turning point in his personal resolve. As a result, he has learned how to manage and overcome numerous business-related and personal-growth deficiencies.

What Qualifies Aaron to be a Coach? –When Aaron began his company, he learned that being an excellent master carpenter and being an excellent business owner are two radically different roles. None of his education was focused on business or the requisites needed to thrive in the construction industry. The last few years have required a disciplined practice of keeping his mouth shut and his eyes and ears open. He learned, from the wisdom and mistakes of those within the TCF community, to build a solid foundation for his growing company. He made mistakes, and learned not to repeat them. And he readily admits to possessing nothing but a massive work ethic and thirst for gleaning as much as he could as fast as he could.

Personal Life –Aaron lives in Ottawa, Kansas with his high school sweetheart, Sheri, celebrating 30 years in July 2023.
They have four children, and one of them is adopted…they can’t tell which one.

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