Hiring Sucks!

I’ve screwed up big time!

A huge topic among the pond world and the trades in general is having a team of A-players in place to take our companies to its intended level.

Here’s where I’ve screwed up big time. I had approximately 50 applicants apply to work with our construction team back in the spring time. Guess how many I interviewed? Maybe 5. Hired 4 and 2 stuck. Do you think if I would have taken action and interviewed all 50 my odds would be better in finding an A-player? I think so.

I decided this morning to do a little research about how many people on average you need to interview to find 1 hire. I was surprised to find that there is a fairly consistent average of 70 applicants to 8 interviews to 1 hire. Pretty crazy right?!

So here’s my question to you. Do you put this kind of action into looking for the next A-player? I didn’t but, I will.

Does this sound right or am I crazy?

Here’s to taking massive action into finding the next Travis Yost.

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