6 Most Common Mistakes Contractors Make During Their Busy Season

Many of my clients are contractors. This means that there is a normal upswing in leads and sales in the summer months. Before we get too far into the busy season I want to share a few things that I see business owners do that sabotage their entire year. With a little focus you can avoid some of these.

6 Most Common Mistakes Contractors Make

  1. They stop planting seeds. Remember the attention you gave to building relationships when business was slower? Do some of that again. It will help you in the next slow season.
  2. They don’t continue marketing. In order for your marketing to work it must be consistent. Many companies stop when they get busy and then suffer for it later.
  3. They don’t have a plan to dominate the neighborhood. If you’re working at 123 Main Street there are probably similar needs at 124, 125 and 126 Main Street. You being at 123 Main Street is social proof for the other neighbors that you can be trusted. Knock doors, buy coffee cards…whatever it takes to make a connection in the neighborhood you’re already working in. Here’s an idea for you…
  4. They don’t do enough pre-project planning. You ever hear “Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance”? Make time to think about each job and assign hours and budgets to everything. Then, work the plan. Profits will improve. You only get one busy season, make sure you make the most of it.
  5. They don’t job cost. After the job you need to know how you did. Compare the plan to the actual performance. Learn from it and you’ll see profits go up.
  6. They don’t enjoy it. This is like a team that makes the playoff and doesn’t enjoy it. You work hard all year for this season. Have a party. Reward your people. Take a day off and fish. Take time to re-charge and be at your best.

Work On Your Business

If you want more than a job then you’ll have to spend time working on the business and not always in it. When you work on the business you will build a company that you run instead of it running you. Spend one day each week working on the things mentioned above and watch your business get stronger.