5 Reasons to Put Your Pricing on Your Website

There was a post in the Facebook Group the other day about posting your prices on your website. I am posting my thoughts based on being someone WHO HAS ACTUALLY SOLD MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF SERVICES AS A RESULT OF POSTING PRICING ON MY WEBSITES.


First, let’s start with why contractors fight this whole putting prices on their websites:
  • You’re afraid your competition will see it.
  • You’re afraid that prospects will see it and not call you.
  • You’re afraid of the price not being accurate and then getting yourself into trouble.
There are other fears… these are the most common.
I won’t address all these fears individually in this post. All I can say is that these fears can all be dealt with in a very simple approach to your marketing… Commit to Being the Best Educator.

Why Being Transparent with your Pricing Makes Sense

  1. It’s not about YOU. It’s about your prospects & clients. Make things easier on them. Make it about THEM and you will win.
  2. It builds trust.
  3. It helps you in search engines. One of the most searched topics is what do things cost. When you answer this question you become the authority.
  4. Not everyone is a fit for your business. This is your first line of defense (pre-qualification). You don’t want the wrong prospects stealing your time. Nor do you want to waste theirs.
  5. You will stand out and differentiate from your competitors. In a world where contractors are little pussies when it comes to talking about money, you are owning the conversation with confidence. This is refreshing for the prospect.
I encourage you to step up and commit to being the authority in your industry.
Good luck!