4 Ways to Build Trust with Your Clients

Increasing sales and building a strong business is all about building trust.

Far too many contractors are blowing it because they drop the ball in these areas. This is your opportunity to stand apart in your industry and put more points on the board!

To create a better experience focus on:

  1. Communication. Most contractors stink at this. Return calls, respond, keep them in the loop. You’ll look like a rockstar to them!
  2. Blow up you website. There are too many ugly, cluttered and lame websites. Fire your cousins nephew and treat your site like you do a new piece of equipment. You don’t go cheap with your tools and neither should you with your website. Hire a pro.
  3. Sales is not about the pitch. Have a transparent discussion. Tell the truth and ask tough questions. Be a human.
  4. Deliver what was promised. It does no good to do 1-3 and then fail here.

Leads, repeat business and referrals will increase when you consistently give an experience like this.

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