4 Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Business Has All the Money It Needs

Before I share the 4 ways to make sure you’ve got plenty of money, I want to talk about love. If you don’t understand this love thing, then the 4 things I share with you won’t matter.

Your Business Loves Money & That’s OK

We all have a Love Language. There was a book on relationships years ago that made the point that we all respond to certain things in deeper ways…our language. For some it’s Quality Time that makes them feel love. For others, Words of Affirmation.

In my marriage, my love languages are Words of Affirmation & Physical Touch. If my wife puts her arm on my shoulder, looks me in the eyes and says “You’re the man,” then, I feel loved.

I recently spoke at a seminar and one of the other speakers, Dorian Earl, was from Google. He said if you want more love from Google in search…then, speak the big G’s love language. Google’s love language is data. The more relevant and useful data you input (see all my stuff on Content Marketing) into the search engines the more love Google will show you.

The love language of your business is revenue.


Inputting of Dinero.

Stacks of Dead Presidents continually being put into your business bank account.

Too many small business owners are afraid to say that they want to make massive big butt-loads of money. I hear things like:

“I don’t want to be rich or anything, just comfortable.”

“I want to be fair to my customers. I can’t charge too much.”

You are in business to make money. Do you have a passion for what you do? Good! Do you not have a passion for what you do? Sorry, that sucks. Either way you need to make money. Stop being afraid to say so with fire in your eyes!

It’s time to start drinking from the firehose of revenue instead of out of the Culligan water cooler with the extra small cone shaped cups. By the way, if you have those little cups in your office…stop it. How are people supposed to stay hydrated with those little things?

How fair is it to your customers if you’re not around any more? If you do kick-butt work and have great people and work your tail off to MOTOR through all the crap a business throws at you, then you better be making enough money to be there for those customers you’re so concerned about.

Want just enough to be comfortable? That’s a load of poo poo. I believed that for years and it led me to bankruptcy. The truth was that I was too scared to make the changes earlier in one of my first businesses. Had I…it would’ve been a much different story.

Many of you are fat, stressed and broke…and, that’s no way to run a business. How much love are you feeling when your business is sucking the life out of you? Get your mind right about why it’s ok to charge more and keep more. That’s step 1 toward feeling the love.

Let’s move on.

Four Ways to Increase Sales

If you need to increase your sales I suggest you look to these few things first. Find ways to get creative and go get some love!

1. Get more clients: If you have 10 customers each day and increase that to 12…you make more money. Create a marketing plan to attract more of your ideal clients.

2. Get them to come back more often: If they purchase 1 time per year and you can bump that to 2…The best way to do this is make the experience a mind-blowing one. My favorite Mexican restaurant, Bien Trucha makes the visit so amazing in every way that I need to go back.

3. Increase the average size of the sale: Are there other services or products that you can offer them? If they are buying from you then they trust you. What else can you help them with that will turn that $1000 transaction into $1400? For example, I have coaching clients that also hire my team to write their content for their businesses. Or maybe you you hang drywall…maybe offer to prime it and get it paint ready?

4. Raise your prices: Did you just get all puckered up when you read this one? Many business owners do. Sadly, most companies don’t charge enough for their services because they’re either unclear on their numbers or insecure. I work with a landscaper who has about 100 lawn cutting clients. He can raise his prices right now by 25%. He will probably lose about 20% of the clients, though. Scary, huh? The outcome would be more money and 20 less clients. And, chances are those who bail were not the ideal ones anyway. Sounds like a win to me.

What action do you need to take right now that will immediately add more revenue to you business? Don’t hesitate. Don’t let fear or laziness win. It’s a much better relationship when your company is feeling loved. The money is there. Go get it.

If you feel you need some help showing your business some love click here and let’s talk.

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