3 Ways to Set Goals in Life

I’ve told the story of my son Tiga and his desire to have a big house and a shiny car.

As funny as this story is, I can appreciate his honesty. He simply counted the cost, then made his decision.

A Common Problem with Goal Setting

Setting goals has frequently been a struggle for me. I now most coaches, speakers and consultants make it sound like they have it all together, but I don’t. My guess is that the majority of these ‘gurus’ struggle with goals from time to time as well. As I reflect on the goals I’ve set and achieved through the years I decided to share a few common success factors I’ve had. When I’m not reaching goals it is usually because I’m dropping the ball in one of these three areas.

3 Ways to Set Goals:

Number One: Staying Disciplined in What You Want

The #1 key to setting a goal (and achieving it) is to make sure you really want it and will have the discipline to stay focused on it. There’s so much to choose from! There are so many distractions! It’s easy to let our focus wander when times are tough or the next new thing comes along.

People who reach their goals stand solid on what they want.

Number Two: Know the Difference Between a Goal and an Expectation

“I expect us to grow this year.”

I hear that from business owners all the time. What I don’t hear often enough is a specific and measurable target. We often want something to turn out a certain way without getting specific about exactly what we want and the steps to get there.

Number Three: Work Your Action Items First Thing Each Day

Due to the amount of crap that is thrown at most of us each day, start your day with things that will get you closer to your goals. If those are the most important tasks of the day, why not make sure they get done immediately…when you’re fresh and focused?

Unfortunately, most of us tend to get up and play defense all day instead of going on the offensive and working with focus for exactly what we want!

Give It a Shot This Month

If you’ve been struggling with setting or achieving goals I urge you to try the three things listed above for the next month. Stay disciplined and don’t let yourself off the hook. My ‘expectation’ is that you’ll get what you set out to get!

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