Get More Done: 3 Reasons Why I Decided to Not Use a Desk Anymore

That image at the top is not my desk 

I’ve tried for too many years to have a desk that looked somewhat like that. 

It’s a good looking desk if you ask me. It communicates order and discipline. It tells the story of an owner who’s mind is clear and focused and who can get more done each day.

When I see a picture like that I immediately experience ‘Desk Envy.’

My desk looks like crap.

The story it tells?

Chaos. Stress. A half-baked effort to be organized. Too many things on the mind and a never-ending to do list.

So, I’ve chosen to give up.

I have decided that this is no longer a fight worth my best time and energy. I’m done feeling like I need to have my desk be all that.

I know so many people that say they need to get ‘more organized’ or ‘be more efficient or productive.’  I know we all mean well when we say things like that, but in some ways I think our thinking is all messed up. Below are 3 reasons why I chose to get rid of my desk and move on with my life. Maybe, after reading these it’ll take some pressure off of you and allow you to move on with your life!

  1. I’m not gifted in the art of organization. I’m generally not a process person. Getting a receipt home from the store is a monumental achievement for me. I’ve had desk organization counseling and still fell back to my old ways. I’ve purged my desk of all non-essential items and started over hundreds of times. I’ve tried different kinds of file systems, bins and trays…all a failure. My choice: Work My Strengths. I’m tired of trying to make this weakness a strength. My time is better spent setting goals, producing content and helping my clients. 
  2. I’m more concerned with managing my priorities. When I grab a notepad and pencil to jot down what I value and what my top priorities in life and in business are, having a clean desk doesn’t crack the Top 5000 List. My Choice: Spend my best energy on the highest impact things in my life. My best should go to accomplishing the things that will get me closer to my goals, not distract me from them!
  3. Hurricane Iris. Every time without fail, when I clean my desk I am overrun by my daughter Iris. She’s an 8 year old, future entrepreneur that sees the clean and open space in my office and automatically thinks, “That’s a great place for me to work.” She makes art, bookmarks to sell in the neighborhood and counts her money on that desk. I’ve sat down at my desk for a minute or two and left with glitter stuck to most of my body. My Choice: Stop fighting Mother Nature and let Hurricane Iris have her way.

    how to have a clean desk
    Hurricane Iris sportin’ MOTORbands.


There they are. My reasons for bagging the whole desk thing. Now I work from just a lap top at the local coffee shop or outside in a lawn chair. If I need to keep a piece of paper I put it in my computer bag. The other stuff I throw away. I’m working my strengths and putting my energy where it needs to go…building the MOTORhood! 


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