2 Ways to Build a Successful Contracting Business

You love to build things. You love to fix things. You love to stand back with pride and look at what you’ve accomplished each day, right?

It should be no different when you look at your business. What contractor doesn’t want to build a successful contracting business?

Here are 2 ways to ensure that what you are building is something you can be proud of:

Always Be Hiring

Yes. Hire 365 days per year.

There should never be a day that you’re not looking to add a high quality person to your team. By keeping your focus on finding good people you are more likely to have a deep bench when you need to scale up employees.

Most contractors only hire when they need people.

Successful contractors hire great people when they don’t need them. They create a spot for them because they are a winner. Never pass up an opportunity to bring a winner onto your team.

Another benefit of always hiring is that it infuses energy into your company. New faces are not a bad thing. Current employees often enjoy being able to share what they know with the new peeps.

Finally, hiring constantly will send a message to your current employees that they don’t have the luxury of ‘taking a play off,” meaning, if they check out mentally and allow mediocrity to creep in, they could be cut.

Always Be Marketing

Hiring great people will be a waste of time and effort if you don’t have work. Work comes from sales and sales are produced by leads.

If you want to build a successful contracting business you must commit to marketing….year round.

365 days per year.

Steady lead flow will raise the morale of you and everyone on the team.

Steady lead flow will give you confidence to charge what you’re worth.

Steady lead flow is oxygen to your business.

Your business won’t last long without leads. Many contractors wonder why they can’t seem to get past a certain point in their business each year. This is the first place to look.

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